Far from below.

دیگران را ببخش، نه به خاطر اینکه لایق بخششند، به خاطر اینکه تو لایق آرامشی

My name is Cally. 19 yrs old. I tend to over analyze everything that people do and say. I like pretty things, girls with dreads, the sun, and hemp jewelry.

Waveinfluence.tumblr.com~ My king


How long until I feel pretty again?

Who occupies your time?

I wonder if I’ll wake up feeling like this every morning.


whenever someone on tumblr says “I’m posting this because no one’s awake so no one will see it”, i look outside my window at the beautiful sunny day outside. it is mid afternoon. the Australians will always be awake and ready for your 3am shame posts

(via the-absolute-funniest-posts)

I care about people. I try to see the best in everyone. If you’re close to me I will lay down everything that I can offer for you. I will do everything in my power to make your day better, and help in anyway that I can if you need it. I don’t deserve to be taken advantage of. I don’t deserve to be lied to, and cheated. I deserve always, no matter what, never less than the best you can offer me. I have done more than my part. I have gone above and beyond in giving you emotional, physical, and financial support. I deserve more.
I deserve unlimited love.
I deserve honesty and respect.
I deserve time and patience.
I deserve affection and support.
I deserve to feel like a princess.
Because I have given you every last ounce of what I can offer to anyone.
I deserve better, I deserve more, I deserve happiness.

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